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Valerie Scott a.k.a. Carny Val is a mixed media artist and singer/performer. She was born and has lived most of her life in Southern California. There she studied art and music from the time she was a small child through college. She has studied all sorts of artistic techniques and performing styles. Her artwork is inspired by biology, nature and science fiction. Her two dimension work is intuitive and the process is a flow of unintentional mark makings. Her 3d work has a combination of these elements, concepts and ideas: Fuzzy, Odd, Colorful, Uplifting, Sparkly, Textural. Her performance work is inspired by cute and creepy things that go bump in the night.

After being laid off from her, "normal job" in 2012, Valerie decided to make her creative work a priority . She relocated with her husband, daughter and the family pets to Portland, Oregon in 2015. She loves her new home and is happy to be surrounded by nature. The beautiful views in the Portland area provide her with lots of "eye candy". In the summer of 2017, she became a member of the PDX Puppet Collective Lab and an apprentice at Whorls of Wonder Puppet Theater where she is learning to build and perform with puppets. She is web mistress and marketing for Whorls of Wonder and the Puppetry Guild of Portland.

You can find a copy of Valerie's Curriculum Vitae here.